Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1 tsp. every 4-6 hours


Today must be Senior Citizen Power Day. We went to Costco this morning (the horror!) and every blue-tinged hair, denture-wearing, senior-discount citizen of the High Desert was in attendence. Even though I am poking fun, it's more enjoyable to shop with them. They're slow, but easy to get around, they don't make obnoxious comments about the kids, they just love on them and pinch their cheeks. Probably while walking away, they thank their lucky stars that the only diapers they have to change are their own.


The Davenport house is once again disesase ridden. Different than the mental illness that usually plagues our house, this one is of the fever and lethargy variety. Bradyn has been hit the hardest, with quite the fever. Motrin's got my back though, and is doing a great job of keeping the fever down. I don't doubt that it's miserable for him, but you know he's loving the attention he's getting from his Mama. I'll let it slide when he's this young, but if he starts developing an Oedipus complex, Marke's gonna be the one dealing with him.

I have so much more to say, but duty calls. Peace out, yo.

--Heather will stop when she's full

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