Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kids on the DL...

Is there something in a child's genetic make-up that makes them more tolerant to injuries? Yesterday I watched Bradyn take a head-first dive off 2 steps of concrete stairs and be reasonably okay within a few minutes. If that happened to me, I think I'd still be crying about it. Yay for resiliancy! The most trying part of yesterday's ordeal for Bradyn was having to have the ice pack on his head. Held in place by Marke, B-dawg was not a happy camper! Within 20 minutes, he was out in the yard, no worse for the wear. Dang.

Struggling a bit with the writers block. It's funny how once I started doing this, how hard it is to write things down. I hate to get all pretentious and carry around a journal to write down my thoughts, but that may be what has to happen. Gah. If I start taking myself too seriously, feel free to knock me out. Warning signs to watch for : dressing in black, talking endlessly about "my art", being an "artist", or attending (worse yet; performing at) open mic night at the local coffee shop.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Montessori would have their hands full with this one...

I present to you perhaps the WEIRDEST drawing that Dakota has ever done. Won't you take a look with me? The largest "person" (I use this term loosely) is Daddy. Note his flat hair, the "baby" in his belly and his generous "line penis". The longish otter shaped creature is Mommy, and it appears that my "fuzzy vagina" has been cut off in the scan, which is just as well. No need to see that, honestly. We also have Grandpa, Grandma, Dakota, Jackson, Montana and Bradyn, as well as an unnamed creature by Grandpa. Everyone is anatomically correct and all appear to be pregnant, except for Jackson, who is a baby himself. When Dakota presented this drawing to me, which was painstakingly created during the other kids naptime, I didn't know what to say or do. Except laugh. Laughter should be the only initial response when looking at line penises (peni?) and fuzzy vaginas.

The drawing does raise some questions for us, as parents though.

1. How on earth did she get so smart? She's frickin' 3 years old, people!
2. Is it appropriate? Or just plain funny?
3. When should we have the talk about "private" parts?
4. How do we have that talk without making them feel shameful or embarrassing?

I have thought about this question and my conclusion is this: Dakota is awesome. She's an extremely intelligent girl and I am so proud of her. I give her props for being able to make the connection and notice the difference between genders, both verbally and visually. She's ahead of her time in her perception and imangination. I think it makes me take a step back and realize that she is a force to be reckond with, and I can only pray that God gives me the wisdom to raise this little one. It's a delicate balance between creating a pompous,conceited monster and raising a well-balanced, intelligent child. I think we'll keep an eye on her...cross the private parts bridge when we come to it.

Still, with all this serious talk about what our next steps should be, I can't help but look at that picture and laugh. Fuzzy vaginas...hiliarious!

--Heather is best when served well chilled

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's high time for writing again

New poem/song/?


Its def. emotion-driven, not neccessarily from personal experience. Perhaps an observation on the predatory nature of our flesh.

Predators laying in wait.
Spun webs encapsulate.
Stifle, slowly, breath is leaving.
Catatonic stare, will they relinquish?
Weakness is the sustenance, forever searching.
Turn an eye away, any retreat is hopeful.

--Heather loves the smell of stinky kid breath in the morning