Friday, July 11, 2008

Things that make me deliriously happy

*Fresh-picked flowers in an odd vase (think wine glass, big bowl, old tin pitcher)

*When all four children are sitting quietly, either eating a snack or watching TV (I didn't say that these would be ideal situations-don't be wagging your childhood obesity stick at me)

*The smell of wet pavement after a summer thunderstorm

*Summer thunderstorms :)

*The refrigerator being all neat and tidy

*And the pantry

*Fresh-baked goodies, that I made myself (the dishes make me deliriously UN-happy, but let's focus on the positive)

*Curling up next to Marke after an exhausting day (Betcha didn't think I'd get this sappy, huh?)

*The noise and chaos that comes when friends and family are all in the same place...admittedly, it does make my heart a bit panicky when things get that noisy, but it makes me ultimately happy