Monday, April 7, 2008

Spoonlegs, where you at?


Well, I am happy to report that whatever mysterious illness swept through our house last week, is gone now. In its wake are weird, strange rashes, but those we can manage. Burning fevers and listless children is not something I can handle for very long. It's funny (funny ironic, not funny haha) that I complain so much about how high energy the kids are and then the second they slow down, I'm shoving a thermometer in their armpit and consulting Dr. Google. The sad news this week? Bradyn's constipated and I fear that I may be spelunking for poo soon.

Now, I'm a self-professed grammar and spelling Nazi, and I know that I still make mistakes...I blame my public school education. (Far be it for me to admit fault) Anyway, poor grammar and spelling on business signs irk me to no end. Like the "Tux" Ego and Bridal Shop. Say what? Wouldn't the "Ego" be the implied part? Or am I crazy? (Maybe just a little)

The house desperately needs a thorough cleaning. Any Molly Maids out there want to come and help me? I just can't get motivated enough to do it. I have ennui about housecleaning nowadays, its the most recent catch 22 in my life.

The work and home divide is getting to me. I wonder if this is a gender problem, do you think men ever face that juxtaposition? I recently opened up a folder for work, and found that the first page was covered in Montana scribbles. I highly doubt Marke has ever opened up plans for a building only to find Crayola had been there. For the sake of argument, it's fair to say that Marke never leaves his plans around the house either. Which prevents such an occurrence from happening in the first place. So, is my juxtaposition self-made? Or perhaps I made up an entire scenerio just so I could use that word, juxtaposition. Food for thought...

--Heather's off like a dirty shirt

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