Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day in the Life...

6:52am-Awakened by Dakota, who had a fever and a headache throughout the night and is now whining (not be insensitive, but really, there’s no other word to describe her) about how she “can’t get the boogers out of her one nose.” I get up, pry dry crusty boogers from the aforementioned nose, administer another dose of Children’s Motrin, give her a drink of water, and we both go back to bed.

7:15am-9:45-I have very vivid dreams where I am doing things that I probably should be doing to keep myself and my marriage alive…but when I wake up, I realize oh crap, just a dream. Make a mental note to try to incorporate these things into my life ASAP.

9:45-Wake up to start the day. Answer Marke’s questions as to where the clean clothes are located (in the dryer, laundry day did not get completed as planned yesterday.) Sit down at counter with a Coke Zero and start to revise the list for the day…Marke leaves to go guitar shopping with our pastor.

10:00am-Kids start waking up and asking about breakfast. I still can’t fathom that these children want to shove food into their mouths mere minutes after waking up. They’re even more efficient than I am. Breakfast consists of muffins, ½ banana, and a glass of milk each Everyone asks for seconds, except for Montana…who later throws herself on the ground once she learns that the others got more and she didn’t.

10:15 am-I wolf down 3 girl scout cookies. Apparently, my diet is going straight to hell today. I also eat 2 bowls of Cocoa Puffs. And now you know why I’m chubby.

10:45 am-Montana starts asking for M&M’s and indicating that she needs to go potty. We run to the bathroom, Montana pees, we cheer, Uncle Joe gives Tana an M&M. Bradyn sees this exchange and decides he wants to go as well. Once seated on the toilet, he freaks out, tells me “No potty” and then goes into the kitchen to await his M&M. Once he figures out that he’s not getting one, he morphs into his usual grumpapotamus self. Yes, we reward with food...I’m chubby and it works for me, why not the kids?

11:00am-I’m feeling far too lazy to start cleaning the kitchen, which is what I had planned to do after breakfast, so I decide to balance the checkbook and pay bills. Get online, have ½ dozen tabs open, 2 computers going…and finally get it done. We started using Quicken Online to keep track of our spending-setting goals for things such as eating out, groceries, buying household items, etc. I’m really happy with the way it’s going-even if we have exceeded our goal of eating out by $200 and something odd dollars. For as “domesticated” as I’ve become-I sure do hate to cook all the dang time. Also, got the rent check written out and ready to mail. Oh, and I also organized my underwear drawer...

12:00pm-Take Montana to the bathroom one more time (pee, cheer, M&M), watch parts of a Goofy Movie, discuss a possible surprise for Marke, snuggle with Dakota on the couch (who reports feeling much better), print out a recipe for lunch. Uncle Joe also threatens to bury the kids in a hole in the backyard-which the kids think is funny-‘til he actually starts carrying them outside one by one. Much freaking out ensues.

12:30pm-Make hamburgers for lunch, realize that the onion straws I wanted to make for a side dish take an hour to soak in buttermilk (which I don’t have) and decide that I’ll start them and finish making them later, since they’re for Marke anyway. Also, I almost went blind while cutting the onions-anybody have any tips that actually work? Have kids clean up toys and blankets that are strewn about the house. Everyone eats lunch, argues about who has what flavor yogurt…and I get after them about 50 times to eat and be quiet. Realize that Montana has given her hamburger to Jackson on the sly…she gets in trouble…etc.

1:15pm-Figure out that I only have about 2 hours to wash all the dishes (which, by the way, are stacked precariously all over the counters and in the sink), wash the counters, the kids table, sweep and mop the floor, and vacuum the living room and entry way. Also, need to get the kids dressed for church before their nap…and also come up with some sort of dinner-Cheese Roll Ups, anyone? Yet, here I sit, writing this blog entry-I’m trying to squash my OCD tendencies and anxiety problems by just not doing anything. Seems to work for about 5 minutes at a time…

1:30 pm-Take Montana to the bathroom again, start to wash dishes. Bully Uncle Joe into vacuuming the room…which he promptly forgets about doing and I get it done instead.

2:15pm- Finish washing almost all the dishes-the ones that are still in the dishwasher will have to wait ‘til another day. Side note: Joe did try to help with the dishes about a week ago, by loading the dishwasher. However, we no longer use it since it likes to recycle the dirty water over and over again.

2:30pm-Vacuum living room and entry way…also vacuum kitchen floor, because I hate to sweep.
2:45pm-Get kids dressed for church. Sounds really simple right? Of course, we must take into account that I literally have to dive into the pile of CLEAN clothes that are piled in baskets and are overflowing onto the GARAGE floor. I have to wade through all that madness to find some sort of acceptable clothing for the children to wear. Also, keep in mind that I must remind Jackson every day to 1) Hurry up, the kid can take 10 minutes to change his underwear 2) put the tag in the back 3) put shoes on the right feet. Take Montana to the bathroom (pee, cheer, M&M.)

3:00pm-Praise the Lawd, it’s naptime for the kids. Recite to the children ½ dozen times to “get in your beds, cover up, go to sleep, no getting up, I love you, when we wake up we’re going to church.” Tuck each child in, shut doors; turn on fan for white noise. Fry up onion straws for Marke, while watching Anchorman. I get distracted by text messages, and subsequently end up burning over ½ the batch. Taste the straws, declare new recipe a success.

3:30pm-Take shower-nothing notable here, except that Marke came home during this time, we talked about how the job fair went, he made a decision to go get his drug test over and done with…

3:45pm-After halfheartedly getting ready, I begin finishing up my 5 minute teaching that I have to do for tonight’s PIT class.

4:00pm-Realize that what I’ve written is mostly crap, and start re-writing a good majority of the teaching.

4:45pm-I can’t focus any longer, so I get up to finish getting ready for church.

5:00pm-Dakota wakes up, starts helping me get all the kids shoes out, pack up the diaper bag, etc. I finish up my teaching, print it out, time myself a few times reading it…I also gather up everything that I need to take to church tonight, talk with Marke for a few minutes, clean up the rest of the kitchen…

5:15pm-Get kids up, change diapers, put shoes and jackets on…

5:30pm-Children start piling themselves into the van, I load the van up with everything I have to bring (returned crock pots, hand me down shoes, returned sweaters, cleaning supplies, lessons, etc.)

5:45pm-Utterly predictable, we stop at Taco Bell for dinner. 4 cheese roll-up’s, 1 med Mountain Dew Baja Blast (for Joe), 1 small Pepsi, 2 Cheesy Beef Burritos (again, for Joe) and a Grande Steak Quesadilla, which changed my life.

6:00pm-Arrive at church….

8:30pm-PIT class, listen to other people’s teachings…take notes…

10:00pm-Convince PL that I should get to go next, sliding in before Marke, whose teaching will have to be pushed ‘til next week. Too bad, so sad…

10:00pm-Blah, blah, blah…wow, this is harder than I thought it would be.

10:30pm-Talk, talk, and talk some more after PIT with PL, Cathi, and various and sundry people. Jackson and Bradyn almost knock down the podium on which PL’s laptop sits…people at Horizon witness a miracle: I ran, to save a computer.

11:55pm-Leave church, stop at Taco Bell (again!), get home, get all kids tucked into bed after they eat some cinnamon twists…

12:30pm-Sweet sweet dreams….


Davenport Army said...

Wow! You have been very busy! SOunds like you guys are all doing good though! How is Markes job stuff going? We have been praying for you guys! Maybe sometime we can catch up! We love you guys! Enjoy your weekend!

Be blessed!

Lil Davenport said...

By far one of the best blogs I have read in a while. You are always so entertaining! How you remain sane lady, God only knows! Love ya lots!!