Friday, March 27, 2009

A Free Psychic Rteading...just for me! Wowzers!

So, I got sent a free "psychic" reading by some lady in Victorville on's what it had to say...First of all you like to help a lot of people but when you need a little bit of help, not too many people are really there to help you. But you are very high tempered at times, you are not high tempered for long, only for a few minutes. You’re the kind of woman if you like a person you talk to them, if you don’t like them you don’t like nothing to do with them. But you never like to talk behind anyone’s back, most of the time what you have to tell them you tell them right to their face. You were born to be very lucky, you were born to be very happy, but lately a few things are not really working out the way you really want them to. You are very hard headed at times and very independent too. Once you put your mind to do something you like to go right ahead and do it. But lately you’ve been able to begin things but not really able to complete them the way you really want to.You look very happy, very satisfied in your face. When you feel hurt, disappointed, or upset about something you keep too many things to yourself. You have never been a follower in the past. You’ve always been more of a leader, But for the past two years you don’t even know what you are leading. In front of friends or family, you keep a very big smile on your face. But honestly that smile hasn’t been real for a long time. Hard money comes in a little too bit fast too easily money goes away from you. But money never has been that important to you. Happiness has always been very important to you. You are either not too happy with where you are living right now or not too happy with some kind of work around you.There is something you would like to change, but lately you have not been able to. It seems like every time you try to move ahead obstacles come in the way.I also believe that in love, the first person that you really did love and care for, things did not work out like you wanted them to. But you do have someone that you really love now, someone you really care for. A lot of times you feel he cares for, and other times you are not even sure. He does care for you a lot. But he is more hardheaded than you are. At the beginning he was really opening up to you. But now I feel that he is pulling away. He does care, but something is wrong.

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