Thursday, May 1, 2008

Credo this

Homework Assignment

Alright Fishy, I hope I get a gold star for this one! :)

My Credo

J.O.Y (Jesus, Others, Yourself)

Let God lead the dance of my life

Kiss each baby (Dakota, Jackson, Montana, Bradyn and Marke) as often as possible. It's NEVER too much.

Keep in touch with people who love you. Even when you don't feel like loving them back.

Take showers in the dark. (Just don't shave your legs in the dark-ouch!)

Keep family traditions going, and make some new ones.

Keep my recipes a secret ;)

Pray and pray often.

Indulge myself, every once in awhile.

It's ok to not finish the TO-DO list everyday. (Not something I ACTUALLY believe in yet, but know that I should)

Discipline my children. What a disservice to them if I am their friend first and their parent second.


Whew-my brain hurts.

--Heather's going to name it and claim it (hehe)

1 comment:

Fishlicity said...

WOW! I never expected anyone else to join the movement! Cool! I am glad you did! Good stuff! It helps don't you think?