Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 Things...

Inspired by Pastor Ryan and the movie The Bucket is a list of 100 things that I want to accomplish in my lifetime (might not think of them all right now) and at least 10 that I want to accomplish in 2009. Wanna make a list with me?


  • Read the Bible cover to cover
  • Read 100 books
  • Lose 20-30 pounds, the healthy way
  • Pay off all but one credit card
  • Work with "To write love on her arms" in some capacity
  • Host 6-10 Extreme Tour events
  • Have an operating "Open Door" policy at my house. Anybody in need, anytime.
  • Fast for 1 day
  • Go beyond the Horizon Church walls-grass roots ministry
  • Start a Children's Worship Ministry at Horizon
  • Homeschool Dakota for Kindergarten

In General:

  • Travel to Italy
  • Travel to England
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Go backpacking in another country for at least a few days
  • Take a backpacking trip at least once a year
  • Start drinking beer (so I can enjoy it with Marke, instead of making faces)
  • Read every work of Shakespeare
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Have a thriving garden
  • Work in a bakery
  • Author a cookbook
  • Have a "pro" kitchen
  • Give my children the best education I can, whether that's through me or someone else
  • Take a formal dance class
  • Have one year of buying nothing new
  • Give without setting limits
  • Finish my tattoos (2 full sleeves, 1 side/rib tattoo, around my hips, and back/side of neck)
  • Run/walk a marathon
  • Go snowboarding
  • Teach a yoga class
  • Teach a cooking class
  • Give away my stuff
  • Raise loving children
  • Be married for 50+ years
  • See my Dad, Mom, sister and brother come to Christ
  • Type 60 words a minute
  • Climb Mt. Baldy w Marke
  • Speak fluent Spanish
  • Learn to swim well
  • Visit New York
  • Visit Chicago
  • Visit Seattle
  • Learn to fence
  • Become proficient in the use of a firearm
  • Become familiar with classical compositions

That's all I can think of for now-that's exhausting!


Fishlicity said...

Wow. I like this idea. I want to join you in this list making. Let's do it! Mine will be up on my blog asap! :) thanks for the inspiration!

Fishlicity said...

You have some really good things on this list (minus the get 2 full sleeves... that's just creepy). :) Maybe when we are old and grey we can finish off this list together... since i know I won't get it all done anytime soon! :)