Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CannonBall Read

UPDATED 03/27/2009 The challenge: 100 Books in One Year. There are some rules, books have to be at least 200 pages, no short stories (unless longer than 6 stories) etc. Who's with me?

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Host
The Shack
The Flying Troutmans
Marked, a House of Night novel
Angels on Sunset Boulevard
The Tale of Despereaux
I am the Messenger
Redeeming Love-a modern day story of Hosea
Recent Updates:Midnight Sun (Yeah, I know it's not completed yet...but I read it, I don't know when it'll be finished, it was 237 pages, it counts-deal with it!)
A Woman of Worship, a study through the book of Psalms
The Glass Castle
The Hiding Place (blog to come about what God had for me in that...)
Starting: InkDeath

19 down, 81 to go...7 months to go...That's only 11 books a month! pffft...


Fishlicity said...

Ok, so I have to confess something... I had forgotten about your blog. I'm so sorry. I used to check all the time to see if a new post had been written... but then I sopped checking because i knew you were busy and did not have time to write. Then I kind of forgot. I'm so sorry! But I put you on my "follow" so it will never happen again! And, if I had seen your cannonball read sooner I would have joined. but it's probably too late now, isn't it?

Fishlicity said...

Should your January say 2009? Just curious... And also, how are you liking Redeeming love? I couldn't do it... I stopped reading it part way through....